Bodyboarding: you don't necessarily need fins to ride the boogie board | Photo: Nyman/Creative Commons

Have you forgotten your bodyboarding fins at home? Have you ripped your flippers while putting them on? Have you lost them in the rough surf? No worries. You still have the board.

Bodyboarding is a prone wave-riding sport, which means your hands and feet are in constant interaction with the water.

As a result, bodyboarders use their arms and legs to catch waves, steer, control the board, perform tricks, and maneuver down the line.

Fins are an essential part of bodyboarding because they play a significant propulsive role in getting into the wave fast, and while riding the wave and the barrel and boosting into the air.

Bodyboarding fins can also be considered a life-saving piece of equipment that will keep you out of trouble if you get caught by a rip current or are dragged out to sea.

Swim fins can also be useful when caught inside by a freak wave.

It's not easy getting used to bodyboarding. Beginners tend to prefer riding the boogie board without fins, but that is not a wise move.

Then, you also have to learn how to put them on before walking into the water without looking like a kook.

Bodyboarding: fins help you catch the wave, steer and control the bodyboard | Photo: Nyman/Creative Commons

Less Propulsion, More Arm and Leg Power

But if, for any reason, you haven't got a pair of swim fins and the waves are pumping, paddle out and try to get lucky. If you're riding a shore break, it will be easier because you'll need less paddling power.

If you're an experienced rider, you'll notice that something's not right, but in a matter of minutes, you'll get used to it.

Without your favorite set of bodyboarding fins, you'll need extra arm and leg power to get into small waves.

Bodyboard plane substantially less than an average surfboard, so kick with your feet earlier than usual.

In conclusion, yes, it is possible to bodyboard without a pair of flippers.

Depending on the conditions, you may even use it to your advantage - for example, try training your drop-knee and stand-up bodyboarding skills.

In the end, it is always a matter of having fun or staying in the parking, watching others enjoy the ripples.

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