Santi Cruz: he was an experienced bodyboarder | Photo: Cruz Archive

A Spanish bodyboarder died while surfing in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.

Santiago Cruz Luis, also known as Santi Cruz, passed away after suffering a heavy wipeout between Famara Beach and La Graciosa in the island's northwest region.

Cruz, 27, was found unconscious by fellow wave riders and taken by boat to Caleta de Sebo for medical care.

According to the witnesses, the bodyboarder from Tenerife had a deep head wound, and the emergency team was not able to revive him.

"Today is a very sad day. A bad wave took our friend Santi Cruz. We will miss his eternal smile, his passion for the ocean, surfing and bodyboarding, and his infinite motivation in the big and extreme waves," the Isla Baja Surf Club wrote in a statement.

Apparently, Santiago Cruz missed the drop, hit the local volcanic rock bottom, and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The surf spot where Cruz was surfing is known for its perfect, barreling waves.

"We have the consolation of knowing that he was doing what he liked to do best and that wherever Santi is, he will continue to fly and land the best inverted and el rollos. You will always be with us, friend."

Santi Cruz was a regular face at the Quemao Class, the iconic surfing and bodyboarding event held every year in the Canary Islands, but also a passionate football player.

Are you surfing by yourself in challenging surf breaks? Make sure to wear a helmet. It might save your life.

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