Carlos Sanz Jorge found "The Answer" in a wave

June 14, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Carlos Sanz Jorge: a Canarian slab specialist | Photo: German Barrameda

You don't need money to produce a great bodyboarding video. You only need exceptional waves and an accomplished executant.

Jose Hernandez has good taste, but he also worked with a talented rider. If you have never heard of Carlos Sanz Jorge, then it's time to watch his antics at El Fronton, in the Canary Islands.

The Spanish slab is not a forgiving wave, and the local bodyboarders know it pretty well. Sometimes, there's no escaping from Fronton's random guillotine.

Fortunately, Sanz Jorge found "The Answer" to all his problems - don't overthink it, just go for it.

"I am very happy for presenting 'The Answer,' a short movie directed by my good friend Jose Hernandez. I am eternally grateful for what he has done for me in the last years," says Jorge.

"This video summarizes what has been for me this year of waves. I hope you enjoy it."

Carlos Sanz Jorge is one of the most skilled bodyboarders in the Canary Islands, but it is in the free surf that he polishes his act.

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