Catarina Sousa crowned 2013 Miss Sumol Cup champion

August 26, 2013 | Bodyboarding
2013 Miss Sumol Cup finalists: Fatima Zahara, Olga Cutillas, Catarina Sousa and Emma Cobb

Catarina Sousa has been crowned the 2013 Miss Sumol Cup champion, at Praia da Barra, Ilhavo, Portugal.

The Portuguese bodyboarder repeated the 2011 victory, this time against Fatima Zahara, Emma Cobb and Olga Cutillas.

Sousa opened the final heat with a 6.75-point ride. The 36-year-old rider from Carcavelos would add another 7.35-point wave, to seal the deal.

"I am very happy and I want to dedicate this victory to all Portuguese bodyboarders. This award is also for them. I came here not knowing what would happen. Reaching the final was already very good, but I knew that being there would give anything to win", says Catarina Sousa.

"I think I managed to do a great championship, having won every heat with good scores. It's great to win and get good results. In the end, I caught two waves, and although you can't hear the results, I knew I had two good ones that could be enough to win", she adds.

The Miss Sumol Cup 2013 saw 188 waves being surfed. There were two excellent scores and 23 rides scored in the "Good" range, despite the difficult ocean conditions.