Challenging conditions at the 2015 Sintra Portugal Pro

September 24, 2015 | Bodyboarding
2015 Sintra Portugal Pro: punchy waves | Photo: Sintra Portugal Pro

Tricky conditions greeted bodyboarders for the early rounds of the 2015 Sintra Portugal Pro, at Praia Grande.

It was a wave riding marathon of nine hours. All divisions - Men, Women and Drop-Knee - paddled out in challenging swells, strong side-shore winds and shifting peaks.

The Portuguese armada did well. Manuel Centeno, Hugo Pinheiro, Gonçalo Pinheiro, Portuguese-German Nicolas Rosner, and Daniel Fonseca were some of the local riders who advanced into the next rounds.

"We have a good level. I want to do my best and show the World Tour staff that if I can put my best surfing in the water, I can go far," expressed Fonseca.

Mike Stewart showed he is ready to win the Sintra Portugal Pro. Pierre-Louis Costes, a former world champion, knows Praia Grande quite well, and he also moved through to Round 5.

In the Women's division, veteran rider Catarina Sousa and European champion Joana Schenker keep progressing in the competition. They fought the unfavorable conditions with determination and strategy.

"In the first few minutes of the heat I paddled around a bit lost, and it took me almost 10 minutes to get the first wave. Fortunately, I managed a sweet wave of seven points and then things ended up composing," revealed Schenker.

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