Chase O'Leary conquers the 2010 Port Macquarie Pro

July 20, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Chase O'Leary: chasing victories

The third event of the Rebel Sport Pro Tour has been won by Port Macquarie local Chase O'Leary.

Chase defeated Mark Parsons on the man-on-man final heat. This is the first time O'Leary wins a Pro Tour competition and he does it at home in front of family and friends.

In the last months, Chase has been bodyboarding Northwall everyday. The 2001 Port Macquarie champion has underlined Charlie Holt and Liam Mclennan as two of the best local bodyboarders.

Women Results


1. Lauren Fletcher
2. Nicole Fleming
3. Jane Keel
4. Lauren Knowles

State Open

1. Lilly Pollard
2. Nicole Fleming
3. Kaitlin Murphy
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