"Chasing the Southern Sun": A movie about Iain Campbell's lifelong dream

December 21, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Iain Campbell: he dreamed of becoming a world bodyboarding champion

Iain Campell has a new movie. And you'll love it.

South African filmmaker Michael Veltman followed the steps of Iain Campbell, as he embarked on a year-long adventure that would earn him his maiden APB World Tour title.

"It just started after school every day. Bodyboarding was an afternoon activity that grew into a passion, which soon became my life," reveals Campbell in his biographical movie.

"Coming from Durban, growing up at North Beach, and developing my skills in the local competitions, I was always encouraged to become a competitive bodyboarder."

"Chasing The Southern Sun" is a 25-minute film about Campbell's path to glory. In 2017, he became the third ever South African athlete to win a world bodyboarding title.

Iain Campbell: the South African bodyboarder trained hard to become a world champion

Iain Campell says that one day, in December 2016, he felt determined to train and prepare for a world title hunt. It was his dream. But the South African worked hard to achieve his longtime goal.

Campbell found a trainer - Philip Nel - and adopted a workout program specifically designed for bodyboarding which included exercises that helped him increase overall strength and flexibility, and muscular power.

The young rider missed the second stop on the 2017 APB World Tour, but he resumed competition with the right mental attitude and at his full physical potential.

In-between stages, Iain Campbell free-surfed some of the most challenging waves on the planet, including Namibia's endless barreling wave - Skeleton Bay.

"Chasing The Southern Sun" really is a movie for all who love bodyboarding. Even Campbell's direct opponents will be touched and impressed by the beauty of its images.

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