Cornwall trains new bodyboarding instructors

May 14, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Cornwall: training new bodyboard instructors for a hard life

The newly formed European Bodyboarding Centre will be teaching bodyboarding instructors, in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Alex Allen is the man behind the first course of its genre in Europe. He has surfed all over the world for the past 22 years and will be forming new boogie instructors for the professional circuit.

The training manager holds a post-graduate degree in teaching and is also an experienced surf lifesaving trainer, surf lifeguard course and first aid qualifications.

The new course provided by the European Bodyboarding Centre runs over three days, with a combination of classroom and beach training sessions.

Future bodyboard instructors will be able to plan, conduct and assess bodyboarding lessons for beginners and intermediate riders. Safety, minimal environmental impact practices when delivering bodyboarding lessons will also be teached.

To apply for the course you have to have minimum wave riding knowledge, to be able to swim 50 metres.

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