Costes and Schenker triumph at the La Salie Pro 2016

May 23, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Joana Schenker and Pierre-Louis Costes: always winning at La Salie

Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker have won the La Salie Pro 2016, held at La Salie Beach, in France.

The French bodyboarder claimed the third consecutive victory in the French event and kicks off the 2016 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) with an important lead over his longtime rivals Annas Haddar, Maxime Castillo, and Brahim Iddouch.

"I am happy to win the La Salie Pro 2016 for the third time in the row. Thanks to Ocean Roots Surf Club for running a successful first event in France and, with events confirmed in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, the 2016 Tour is looking promising," expressed Costes.

The four-foot waves pumping at La Salie have also crowned Joana Schenker. The 2015 European bodyboarding champion from Portugal defeated her fellow countrywoman Teresa Almeida and takes an early season lead.

"Feels good to win this event again, especially with all the strong competitors present in La Salie!" added Joana Schenker, who will also be competing in the 2016 APB Women's World Tour.

La Salie Pro 2016 | Finals

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) 16.50
2. Annas Haddar (MOR) 14.95
3. Martin Mouradian (FRA) 12.40
4. Mickael Kerlir (FRA) 10.30

1. Joana Schenker (POR) 12.05
2. Teresa Almeida (POR) 11.40
3. Mari Fernandez (SPA) 10.35
4. Alexandra Rinder (DEU) 8.50

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