Pierre-Louis Costes: his backflips are lethal | Photo: Tabone/APB

Pierre-Louis Costes has been crowned the 2015 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) champion.

The French rider secured a runner-up finish in the last event of the season held in Mohammedia, Morocco. Costes placed ahead of Anas Haddar and, therefore, confirmed the overall title by a very narrow margin.

The Moroccans have shown an incredible resilience throughout the year. Brahim Iddouch won the ultimate showdown in his home turf and proved he has a bright future as a World Tour competitor. Costes won his fourth consecutive trophy.

"I am so happy to become the 2015 European champion. Congratulations to Brahim Iddouch for the win, but also to the finalists Anas Haddar, who had a spectacular year and Hugo Pinheiro showing he is still one of the best European riders," expressed Pierre-Louis Costes.

The Portuguese bodyboarding sensation Joana Schenker had already confirmed her 2015 title in the last event of the Women's European Tour of Bodyboard, held in Fajã D'Areia, Madeira.

2015 European Tour of Bodyboard | Top 5

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 3103
2. Anas Haddar (MOR), 3052
3. Brahim Iddouch (MOR), 2953
4. Hugo Pinheiro (POR), 2588
5. Michael Kerlir (FRA), 2349

European Tour of Bodyboard | List of Champions

2015: Pierre Louis Costes (FRA)
2014: Pierre Louis Costes (FRA)
2013: Pierre Louis Costes (FRA)
2012: Pierre Louis Costes (FRA)
2011: Yeray Martinez (CNY)
2010: Jeremy Arnoux (FRA)
2009: Hugo Pinheiro (POR)
2008: Manuel Centeno (POR)
2007: Silvano Lourenço (POR)
2006: Manuel Centeno (POR)
2005: David Perez (SPA)
2004: Hugo Pinheiro (POR)
2003: Hugo Pinheiro (POR)
2002: Cedric Dufaure (FRA)
2001: Manuel Centeno (POR)
2000: David Perez (SPA)
1999: Nicolas Capdeville (FRA)
1998: Hugo Carvalho (POR)

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