Damian King releases instructional DVD

December 2, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Damian King: a great teacher

Damian King has released a personal instructional bodyboarding DVD. The Australian pro bodyboarder has prepared several riding lessons on paddling, ocean safety, tricks, moves and heat tactics.

The two-time world champion has added footage of the "Joker" video series to explain better his ideas.

The "Damian King Instructional DVD" includes a fitness program with everything you should do to keep your physical performances high. Bodyboarding can be tough for your vertebrae and back.

"I have been working on the DVD for a while now, and I didn't want to just slap something together. Now that it's finished I am pretty stoked with the final product. It's starts off with the very basics of Bodyboarding and then progresses into more technical aspects of the sport. I truly believe there are tips in the DVD for anyone who wants to fast track their riding and learn the correct techniques so they can utilize the waves they catch", says Damian.

All bodyboarders are invited to develop their skills with intermediate and pro learning techniques from King. The DVD will be available for $25. Those who buy the Turbo Damian King signature model will get a copy for free.

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