Damian King returns in top form at the 2009 Peruvian Inka Challenge

July 25, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 Peruvian Inka Challenge

The second day of competition at the Peruvian Inka Challenge saw some great performances as well as some notable eliminations.

The crowd and the setup was impressive as the Peruvians really embraced the worlds best riders coming to their homeland.

For their first year Jose' and his hard working team are doing an amazing job and the future of the event looks to be secure.

The random peaks at Chilca are difficult to read and as a result some of the experienced campaigners went down.

Chad Jackson (Australia) was just one of the casualties from R4. Jose Urgarte (Peru) Fabio Rodrigues (Brazil) and Rui Pereira(Portugal) were others to fall victim to the soupy conditions.

Former World Champion Damian King (Australia) made a successful return to the IBA World Tour after a back injury kept him from competing for the most part of 2007.

" I have been training hard and want to challenge for the title again in 2010 so getting some good results on this years tour is important for me"

" It was hard watching all my mates doing well ,and now that I am back I hope to make it harder for them." said Kingy.

The IBA Top 16 hit the water tomorrow at 8am (local time) with the current World Champion Uri Valadao (Brazil) hitting the water in heat1.

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