Damian King wins 2011 IBA Drop Knee World Tour

November 7, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Damian King: stoked and floated

Damian King has taken the 2011 IBA Drop Knee World Tour title, at the Encanto Pro Puerto Rico. The Australian rider only needed to beat Canary Islander Ardiel Jimenez in the quarterfinals to become the champion, but Jimenez led the heat until 30 seconds before the siren.

King, who was chasing a 6.8, paddled into his heat winning wave with literally seconds left on the clock, got up backside, bottom turned into the bowl of the wave and did a massive snap, throwing a solid chunk of water over the back of the wave, and finished with another snap on the end of the wave.

All the Australians in the competitor’s area, waited for what seemed like an eternity, for the scores to drop, a 6.9, he did it. The Australians grabbed cans of beer and ran to the water’s edge to meet King and shower him with beer. He was hoisted onto their shoulders and carried to the presentation area.

King spoke to the crowd after receiving his trophy, telling the crowd how he thought he had lost the title when he fell off on a set wave moments before he caught his winning wave.

An emotional King, thanked his father in-law, Jimbo, who has been traveling with him to his last few competitions, started to choke up when explaining how important he was and quickly changed subjects and thanked the crowd.

"Yeah I’m pretty stoked, it was a goal that I did really want to do and I thought I wasn’t going to get it there towards the end, then I got that last wave you know in the last, probably, ten seconds and just got the score and f**k yeah I just can’t believe it. I’d pretty much totally given up out there. A little bit of spark in me just kept me going and I’m so glad I didn’t stop", say King.

"I’d like to thank Ryan Hardy too, he wrote me words of inspiration not long ago and it was pretty cool. Andrew Lester has also been helping me lately, with strategies and that for both prone and drop knee", he added.

Watch King expressing his thoughts on the world DK title.