Damian Prisk takes the North Kernow Challenge 2011

September 26, 2011 | Bodyboarding
North Kernow Challenge 2011: one rider per wave

Damian Prisk has conquered the North Kernow Challenge 2011, the third stop of the Auto Sleepers UK Bodyboarding Tour. After two postponed events earlier in the year due to small onshore conditions, all hopes were pinned on a September showdown.

This time, everything changed with a 4ft swell and a light offshore wind. After the early rounds, it was battle time. With a full tide, the contest area moved to the middle of the beach where some bowling lefts and rights offered more than the reef.

The first semi final in the Open division saw competitors linking through some long rides from the outside to the inside bowl. Prisk and Winkworth both looked smooth and comfortable as they progressed into the final.

The second semi saw a boy become a man. The duo of Jack Johns and Alex Wake looked, on paper like an impossible mountain for sixteen year old Sam Brabyn to overcome but it looked like the recent Grom Comp training session had had an impact.

Whilst Wake continued in his consistent form for the day, Johns struggled to find the waves he needed leaving the door open for Brabyn. A bowling left-hander offered a nice little section which would see many opting for a safe roll, not Sam, he went big with a textbook ARS, boom!

Just minutes later he came within a fraction of a second and even bigger boost, right in front of Wake, ka-double boom! Brabyn through to his first tour final.

The day’s big paddle-outs seemed to have taken its toll on Winkworth who surfed back to back finals, the waves just wouldn’t come his way. Alex Wake looked like the only threat to Prisk and he found similar, but slightly smaller waves which didn’t quite give the same opportunity to bust out the bigger point scoring moves.

Brabyn stayed cool and surfed a solid heat but the lefts he longed for weren’t where he was and despite a late flurry it never really happened for him. Still a massive result though, he certainly rattled a few cages! With Prisk and Wake still both in contention it was wide open with five minutes left.

Prisk spied a decent right and duly went to work, a couple of solid reverses and a huge ARS on the tricky inside section looked to have it in the bag but just to make double sure he ended the heat with another right this time featuring the reverse of the day and a cheeky but sick hack sending a sheet of spray over the back of the wave.

In the Women's division, Clemi Hardie took top honours with gauging cutty reverses and a roll, while Winky hooked into a couple of rights on his front side allowing him to drive off the bottom and into a couple of lip smashes to claim the DK category. The question remains who will take the 2011 tour title?

The British Bodyboard Nationals 2011 will be contested in Porthtowan, on the 8th and 9th of October.

North Kernow Challenge 2011 | Results

1. Damian Prisk
2. Alex Wake
3. Alex Winkworth
4. Sam Brabyn

1. Alex Winkworth
2. Olly Medland
3. Andrew Hill
4. Seth Hamon

1. Clemi Hardie
2. Megan Penny
3. Olivia Smedley

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