Damian Prisk wins the 2012 Portreath Harbour Wall Frenzy

October 23, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Portreath Harbour Wall Frenzy: dangerous duck dive pictured

Damian Prisk has taken the 2012 Portreath Harbour Wall Frenzy, the third stop of the 2012/2013 Auto Sleepers British Bodyboard Club Tour.

With the all-surf-twice format, the best bodyboarders in the UK flock to Portreath for a spectacular event with multiple wave conditions. An early loss could mean progression via the repercharge.

In the first heats, Jack Johns showed his silky skills, Alex Winkworth was very comfortable in the familiar waves and Dave Speller showed he's still finding time between university lectures to get in the water.

The first finals to get underway were the Women's and Drop Knee divisions.

Clemi Hardy was first to pick up the pace with a fast roll on a right hander, but this was quickly followed by a tight reverse on a bowling left by Olivia Smedley, who now has the infamous El Fronton experience and some travelling around New Zealand under her belt.

Kirsty Mann, Megan Penny and Tabby Fox were all picking off the better sets and kept everything really close. Wave of the heat went to Smedley with a reeling left.

After a scooping bottom turn she raced the lip before smashing it with a huge roll landing in the flats pretty much on dry sand.  Massive commitment and awesome surfing. Second place was a seriously close call but the bigger waves and tight control on the pocket demonstrated by Fox just beat Hardy into second place in a count-back situation.

Andrew Hill and Ross Littlejohns were first to exchange lip smashes and get the points rolling, in the Drop Knee final. The quiet and patient McCall waited were he knew the waves would come from and nailed two sweet floaters to put him into the lead at the halfway mark.

Last year's DK Tour winner Winkworth put together a run of right handers suiting his natural foot stance and a number of spray throwing reverses got him in the mix.

It was McCall who took to bumpy bull by the horns and boosted a incredible lip grind which saw his board leaving the water, it ticked all the boxes for the judges and the big scores were awarded.

It was time for a classic final, in the Prone division. Damian Prisk, Dave Speller, Alex Winkworth and Aaron Dinham, any of them could take it.

Speller, fresh from his ARS arsenal struggled to find the wedgy lefts he needed to repeat the feat. Alex Winkworth struggled to find a lip that would offer anything on the big points scoring outside section. Dinham found the long rides and did complete several looping rolls on the outside. But it was local man and 2011 tour winner Damian Prisk who got busy with the big move combos.

2012 Portreath Harbour Wall Frenzy | Results

1. Damian Prisk
2. Aaron Dinham
3. Dave Speller
4. Alex Winkworth

1. Olivia Smedley
2. Tabby Fox
3. Clemi Hardy
4. Megan Penny
5. Kirsty Mann

Drop Knee
1. Laurie McCall
2. Alex Winkworth
3. Andrew Hill
4. Ross Littlejohns