Dan Worley: hidding away from cameras

The famous Venice Beach was the perfect stage to end the 2010 Florida Bodyboarding Association Championships.

Waves offered enough juice to give opportunities to all competitors to do the best of their abilities and compete for the season titles. As the day went by, heats got more competitive, especially in some Finals.

Matt O'Brien took first place in the Junior division, Allison Cohen did the same for Women and Damian Dinham did it for the Masters.

In the AM division, Steven "Bubba" Tyson took another first place this year and Dan Worley mastered the DK and Pro divisions.

Congratulations to all winners. With these results, we have our season champions:

2010 FBA WOMEN Season Champion: Allison Cohen
2010 FBA JUNIOR Season Champion: Gunnar Schmauss
2010 FBA MASTER Season Champion: Carlos Jenkins
2010 FBA AM Season Champion: Steve Vitale
2010 FBA DK & PRO Season Champion: Dan Worley

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