Dan Worley: white water king

Dan Worley has conquered the DK Wars/Prone Wars event at Playalinda, Florida. The innovative bodyboarding format enjoyed 3-4 foot wedgy waves. The rules are simple: all riders surf when they want to surf and they vote the winners of the event, when it is over.

British bodyboarder Aaron Dinham headed to the East coast of USA to get a third place. "The level of riding was high, so I was stoked to be voted into the Top 3 by other riders", he explains.

"It's a strange format, with no judges on land. Everyone freesurfs and then, at the end of the session, everyone votes in their Top 3 by putting it down on paper and handing it in. The down side is a lot of waves ridden get missed by other riders", he continues.

Steve Vitale, Brian Halloway, Roy Overstreet, Joe Harris, Angel Garcia, Billy Anderson, Dan Worley and Aaron Dinham wanted to put a show. There were ARS, big floaters, stylish reverses, inverts and crazy flips. Who would take boards, leashes and cash?

In the Prone Wars, Vitale wanted to win, but Aaron and Roy scored their barrels, flips and combos. Then, Worldy decided to steal the show with his committed bodyboarding. Steve takes second and Dinham tastes bronze.

In the DK Wars, Billy and Dan clashed and traded several superior rides. Worley did it again, leaving Anderson in second place. The game was over and the awards were delivers.

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