Daniel Fonseca: the 2020 Portuguese bodyboarding champion | Photo: CNBB

Daniel Fonseca and Joana Schenker have taken out the 2020 Portuguese National Bodyboarding Circuit.

The four-stop series was one of the few national bodyboarding competitions held throughout the world in 2020.

The 2020 Circuito Nacional de Bodyboard kicked off six months later than expected due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organization put on a bullet-proof, 100 percent safe event and followed the strictest health protocols.

The first stage of the tour was held in Santa Cruz, one of the most consistent waves on the Portuguese coastline during summer.

Veterans Hugo Pinheiro and Manuel Centeno, who have clinched a combined total of 14 national titles, have decided to return to competition mode to support the series.

Pierre-Louis Costes has also stepped in after receiving a wildcard from the organization. The two-time world champion lives in Portugal for a decade.

Fonseca and Schenker ended up taking the top honors at Santa Cruz.

The second event got underway at Nazaré with two former world champions - Costes and Schenker - making sure their skills in small waves were enough to beat their opponents.

Similar wave conditions greeted riders in Peniche, the third stop on the 2020 Portuguese National Bodyboarding Circuit.

Joana Schenker: the bodyboarder from Sagres won her seventh consecutive Portuguese bodyboarding title | Photo: CNBB

A Successful Series

This time, Centeno and Teresa Almeida won the event, but Daniel Fonseca celebrated another national bodyboarding title.

"I couldn't be happier. It was a hard-fought competition in an atypical year, but we have to stick to what's positive," expressed Fonseca.

"Congratulations to all athletes for being stronger and more consistent and a special thanks to the organization, who ran the best national circuit I have ever participated in."

In the last event of the season held in Póvoa de Varzim, Miguel Adão and Teresa Padrela stamped their names in the history books by stealing the show in challenging weather and ocean conditions.

And with a fourth-place finish, Joana Schenker added another national title to her trophy room.

"I am thrilled to win my seventh consecutive national title. It's not an easy task to maintain this position for so many years," explained Schenker.

"It gets harder every year. Thank you to the organization for pulling off such a successful tour in a crazy year like 2020."

2020 Portuguese National Bodyboarding Circuit | Champions

Men: Daniel Fonseca
Women: Joana Schenker

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