Daniel Fonseca shines in the 2017 Aveiro EuroBodyboard Pro

August 1, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Daniel Fonseca: he beat Pierre-Louis Costes in the Aveiro EuroBodyboard Pro

Daniel Fonseca claimed the 2017 Aveiro EuroBodyboard Pro, in Sao Jacinto.

It was a historical day for Portuguese bodyboarding. A local athlete beat a multiple-time European and world champion in the Open final held in pumping surf.

Fonseca had the heat of his life against the world champion, Pierre-Louis Costes. The APB World Tour campaigner started strong with one of his trademark backflips, but the Portuguese bodyboarder answered with an 8.50 wave.

Costes caught a total of nine waves but was never able to overcome the rider from Peniche. Fonseca only needed four rides to cement his supremacy over the French.

"I am very happy because this was a highly-disputed event and, in the final, I faced the world champion. I'm feeling good and surfing at a high level, so this result was great. I want to finish the ETB in the top 5," noted Daniel Fonseca.

In the Pro Junior final, French talent Noah Capdeville defeated Rodrigo Lopes. Despite finishing runner-up, the Portuguese leads the rankings.

The waves of Sao Jacinto had already hosted international competitions. The spot welcomed the GOB World Tour in 1996 and the European Tour of Bodyboard in 1999 and 2000.

2017 Aveiro EuroBodyboard Pro | Finals


1. Daniel Fonseca (POR) 15.40
2. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) 14.25

Pro Junior

1. Noah Capdeville (FRA) 11.30
2. Rodrigo Lopes (POR) 6.16

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