Dave Hubbard conquers the Senor Frogs Sandy Beach Pro

July 20, 2008 | Bodyboarding
David Hubbard

The 2008 Senor Frogs Sandy Beach Pro went off without a hitch this past 4th of July weekend. Over 80 competitors came out to test their skills at Half Point, the world-famous reef break on Oahu’s south shore.

Both days of the two events were started with Amateur rounds and many amazing rides by new comes like Alex Brown, Matthew Holtzman, Bubu Casamerio, and many more.

The Amateurs gave the Pro’s a heads up to where the future of the sport is going with consistent surfing throughout the two days.

The 13-18 AM division was one by Alex Brown narrowing out his Kauaian friend Matthew Holtman by 2 points. Trevor Cam and Alan Lamphere followed up with the 3rd and 4th sport respectively in the final.

Next in line were the Open Am heats in which another Kauaian Travis Smith made an impression while JB Hillen from the Westside of Oahu made a big push on to the USBA with his first USBA event!

The final of Open Am saw Oahu’s Reis Yonherio taking 4th which a great performance both days, followed by JB Hillen in 3rd. The top two spots went to Kainoa Behasa and winning Travis Smith, which went a long way to build their credibility for the future.

The DK Pro was an all-out war to the finals with the best of the best battling it out in all different tidal and wave conditions that both days provided

The main standouts were as always Bud Miyamoto & Dave Hubbard followed by Robbie Gall, Keegan Yuson who all just happened to be in the finals as well. It was Bud who made it happen.

At the Sandy Beach Pro once again with his huge floaters and backside barrel riding skills, right behind him was Robbie Gall, Dave Hubbard and Kegan Yuson in that order to fill out the final placing.

The Women’s Pro was as hard-hitting as can be with Claudia Ferrari once again taking out the event as she had done so in 2006.

Other big standouts were finalists Aki Oguda (4h place), Aiako Ancheta (3rd place) and Leila Alli (2nd place) who all put it on the line throughout both days of the contest!

The ever so competitive and fun standup division was taken out by none other the Noah Murray from Kauai who had landed a stand-up air to win his final.

In a first-ever Masters Division held at USBA contest Hauoai Reeves was the stand out with deep barrels and hassling tactics.

This type of competition brought the crew of Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, Kai Santos, Seamus Mercado, Duda Ferrari, Aka Lyman thinking they were back on tour.

Thanks to these riders for showing us they still kill it as hard as anyone and for their efforts in the sport of bodyboarding over the years!

The most sought-after title to the Senor Frogs Sandy Beach Pro is the Men’s Pro division.

It is a proven fact that the USBA riders want to win this event badly as we had Jeff and Dave Hubbard fly overnight from Australia to get through customs only 40 min prior to their heats just to make it to the event.

Not only did these two make it happen with their schedules but they also made it happen in the water with Dave Hubbard and Jeff both putting on amazing shows throughout both days.

Dave ended up winning the entire event with two amazing barrel riders in the final to roll spin combos.

An on fire Jacob Romero (2nd Place) took his campaign all the way to the finals, along with Paul Benco (3rd) & Spencer Skipper (4th).

Source: US Bodyboarding Association