Dave Hubbard wins the 2008 IBA Drop Knee World Tour

December 6, 2008 | Bodyboarding

Dave Hubbard conquers the IBA DKWT

As far as exciting action goes it doesn’t get much better than today at the last event on the IBA World Tour event at Confital.

It all started with the Drop knee final. Up for grabs was a IBA DKWT title and the two guys in the race this year were both in the final.

Ardiel Jiminez from the Canary Islands and Dave Hubbard from Hawaii both chased events in Ferrol (Spain) Isla De margarita (Venezuela) and here at Confital in an attempt to capture the crown.

It was a 45-minute affair and the lead seesawed back and fourth between the two but in the end Ardiels tight snappy frontside gouges proved more effective and he took first place.

“ I am stoked!! This is the best feeling ever to win at home…. I can’t explain my feeling” said an elated Jiminez.

Dave Hubbard (AKA Dubb) was happy with second as he scored enough points to secure the World title.

This was Dave’s third World Championship after claiming victory in 1995/96.

“ Yeh for sure I am stoked Bro” said the cruizey Hawaiian.

“ I really hope that more of the promoters attach DKWT events to the Championship next year and that more underground riders come and get involved” said Dubb.

Third place went to Australian Dave Winchester and Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii) finished fourth.

The event went on hold at this point, as El Confital is not a low tide friendly break.

When we rocked back up in the afternoon it was great to see that the first lines of a fresh swell were starting to wrap along the reef and the girls in the WWT semi’s put on their warpaint and went to battle.

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