Dave Speller wins The 2011 NI Portrush Stopover

April 15, 2011 | Bodyboarding

Portrush: inaugural event of the 2011 UK Bodyboard Tour

Dave Speller won the first stop of the Auto Sleepers 2011 UK Bodyboard Tour. Speller took The NI Portrush Stopover, in Northern Ireland. For the first time in the history of the British Bodyboard Club (BBC), all bodyboarders crossed the Irish Sea for serious competition.

In the first day of competition, the wind was blowing offshore and the ocean was kicking three-to-four foot waves. Time to hit the water. The first heats were exciting and Clint Loake finally debuted in the BBC contests.

Semi-finals were on and the swell began to drop. In the dying seconds of the heat Jersey’s Dave Speller snuck a last minute boost which saw him leap frog Steve Hall into second place and book himself a place in the final.

Conditions were deteriorating even further and the final was rushed into the water before the surf went flat. To help compensate, the heat was extended to 30-minutes. Dave Speller was the first to post a solid score landing some lofty rolls down the line.

Remi Geffroy and Aaron Dinham both struggled to find anything that offered more than a simple spin roll combo, but Irish lad Darragh McCarter kept in touch with Speller. However, Speller found a second solid ride to secure the heat and his first ever BBC event win. Geddon Speller!

In the Drop Knee division, the 4-man final had Clint Loake, Martin Kelly, Brice Le Comte and Dave Speller. The small conditions made generating speed difficult with riders bogging down easily. Brice Le Comte, from France, managed to pick off a couple of waves that offered some down the line speed which he used to good effect jamming in a couple of tight hacks and spins.

Brice’s biggest threat was Jersey man Clint Loake who whipped a few back-hand snaps and a tidy reverse but it wasn’t enough and Brice took the top spot.

The 2011 NI Portrush Stopover


1. Dave Speller
2. Darragh McCarter
3. Remi Geffroy
4. Aaron Dinham


1. Brice Le Comte
2. Clint Loake
3. Dave Speller
4. Martin Kelly

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