Human Bodyboarding Pro Tour 2008

Dave Winchester (South Curl Curl, NSW) has officially taken out the 2008 Human Australasian Bodyboarding Pro Tour after finishing third in the Human Port Mac Pro on Sunday.

The 2008 Human Bodyboarding Pro Tour has been the strongest on record with some of the world's greatest bodyboarders competing including Mitch Rawlins, Micheal Novy, Brad Hughes, Chad Jackson, and Ryan Hardy.

The resurgence of competitive bodyboarding has been a result of more lucrative prize money on offer at each Pro Tour event, plus the level of quality riders supporting the tour.

Dave Winchester has been competing on both the world circuit and Australasian Circuit for some time now and is thrilled to have taken the title.

"It feels really good, this is something I have wanted to do since I first got on the tour eight years ago. It's good to set a goal and achieve it,"  said Dave

Competitively Dave found that this year was one of the hardest years ever competing on the Australasian Tour, which has made the win even sweeter.

"This year was extremely competitive with a lot of big names coming back to the tour, guys like Mitch Rawlins, Brad Hughes, Michael Novy, Ryan Hardy, Chad Jackson and then young up and comers like Joe Clark and Dave Crowley, all these guys made every comp this year a tough one, there were never any easy heats," said Dave.

Dave will now take a well-earned rest, before getting married to his fiance in three weeks.  In 2009 Dave is looking forward to competing for both the world circuit as well as the Australasian Pro Tour.

Glen Sullivan is the best DropKneer in Australasian after winning this year's Human Australasian Pro Tour. Glen was narrowly defeated for the title last year and was extremely focused this year to claim the prize.

"It is pretty amazing, as I came second last year behind my friend Justin Welsh, winning the tour this year was my number one focus, so it's really rewarding to achieve the goal I'd been working on all year," said Glen.

"For the rest of the year the plan is to chase as many waves as I can around Australia, then I'm off to Hawaii in January, where I will be getting ready for the Pipeline Pro in February".

For the second consecutive year, Lily Pollard has stamped her dominance of the Australasian women's pro tour, taking out the title.  Lily has been a solid competitor on both the world circuit and national circuit for many years now and she will continue on fighting to become the world champion when the world tour resumes in November in Venezuela.

The Human Port Mac Pro wrapped up another amazing year of competitive bodyboarding in the Australasia region. In 2009 Bodyboarding Australasia will re-brand as IBA Australasia, in order to fall in line with competitive regional circuits worldwide, with 2009 predicted to be the strongest tour yet.

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