Dave Winchester: El Gringo

Dave Winchester has conquered the 2010 Arica Chilean Challenge, at El Gringo, in spectacular bodyboarding conditions.

The Australian bodyboarder has defeated Amaury Lavernhe (REU) with an amazing total score of 19.75 points.

Winchester got a 10-point ride and a 9.75 to win this IBA Grand Slam event. It's one of the best overall scores in a final heat in IBA World Tour history.

"Last year I was third and I want to win here. This is my first victory on tour and this is very special", said Winchester.

"I was competing like it was a free surf. I missed the first event in Pipeline, which was also a Grand Slam, so now I'll have to run to enter in the title race."

In second place, Amaury Laverhne received 1720 points, and he is still in the first position in the IBA World ranking. This was Amaury´s second final in a Grand Slam event in 2010.

The final day conditions were perfect, with 6-8 feet waves.

Pro bodyboarders now head to the Peruvian Inka Challenge in Lima, Peru. The competition will be held between 26th and 30th May.


Dave Winchester (AUS) 19,75 x 9,50 Amaury Lavernhe (REUN)

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