Dave Winchester wins the 2010 Heatworks Knights Beach Pro

September 12, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Dave Winchester: a true knight

Dave Winchester has conquered the 2010 Heatworks Knights Beach Pro, in Australia. He is has the first bodyboarder to win the event twice. Winny defeated Dan Worsley in the final heat.

"It was really tough out there, when you cop one on the head it really takes it out of you, so when you cop five on the head it's really tiring! I'm just so glad I made the effort to come down here, Its such a great event and I'm really looking forward to coming back next year, its just awesome every year", said Winchester in the end.

The contest was held in very good wave conditions, in one of the biggest swells of the year.

Many competitors lost heats simply because there was not enough time to break through the walls of white water to get out the back. Great surf, indeed.

The power in the waves and the thickness of the lips made the landings extremely hard, so while everybody was going huge, big scores were few and far between due to incomplete maneuvers.

Daniel Worsley perhaps provided us with the highlight of the day, needing a big score in the last minute of his heat against Michael Novy.

20 seconds to go and Worsley scooped in to a mutant five-foot closeout, going right and completing a huge ARS (Air Roll Spin).

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