Dave Winchester wins the 2010 Rebel Sport Pro Tour

November 14, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Dave Winchester: the Australian rebel

The 2010 Rebel Sport Pro Tour has been dubbed as the best in history coming to a huge climax today at Duranbah Beach.

Today there were three possible contenders for the 2010 Australasian men's title. Dave Winchester (Mullumbimby, NSW), Michael Novy (Sunshine Coast, QLD) and Chad Jackson (Perth, WA). Winchester was knocked in the quarter finals, which meant to steal the title Novy and Jackson either had to win or place second.

Chad Jackson, was the first to miss out at a shot at the 2010 title, being knocked out in the dying seconds of the semi finals by fellow challenger Michael Novy. Jackson could only look on in shock from the beach seeing Novy post a 6.50 ride to take 2nd place and progress.

The 30 minute final saw Andrew Lester (Cronulla, NSW), Michael Novy, Mitch Rawlins (Gold Coast, QLD) and Nathan Branch (Port MacQuarie, NSW), which was by far the highest performance final of 2010. With Novy needing to place second to take the title he came out firing, the problem was that so did the rest of the field.

Novy moved from second to third several times during the heat, with all other riders putting on an onslaught of maneuvers including a perfect 10 from Mitch Rawlins and a 9.43 from Andrew Lester. In the end the perennial performer Andrew Lester (Cronulla, NSW) was too strong, holding on with a 17.43 over Rawlins with 16.77, Novy 15.53 and Branch 14.94.

“I am Stoked. I cant believe it. I had a game plan for the whole comp just to sit of to the right and pick of these wedges that were coming through and it’s worked.

“My goal was to qualify firstly for the pipeline comp, I did that yesterday by making the quarters and once I had done that my goal was to win”.

“It’s hard when there are guys surfing for Aussie titles, you don’t really want to knock them out but at the same time it’s a competition and it’s happen to me plenty of times before.

That left the 2010 Rebel Sport Champion to be Dave Winchester from Mullumbimby in NSW.

“I am really happy to win the title this year” Said Dave.

“It makes it all worthwhile when all the boys are surfing on tour.

“This is a really good result for me, especially going into the final international event at Confital next month”.

The Drop Knee Mens Rebel Sport Pro was won by Dave Winchester with a huge 15.30, followed very closely in second by local rider Dane Pope with 15.17 and Jake Sharp (Coff Harbor,NSW ) 12.60 and John Gibson of Queensland with 10.06.

In a thrilling girls pro event four times world champion Stephanie Peterson (Gold Coast, QLD) dominated with 15.30 over Lilly Pollard (NSW) with 11.60, Kaitlin Murphy (NSW) 8.97 and Lauren Fletcher with 8.00.

The second placing was enough for Lily to secure yet another Australasian Title.

“I am so stoked, I am really happy to win the tour again, it was pretty close against Lauren Fletcher” say Lilly

“All the girls have been surfing really well”.

“I am planning on going home and saving really hard so that I can take off next year and do the world tour.

The 2011 Rebel Sport Pro tour will begin early April, back here at Duranbah for the 2011 QAB Pro.

Semi Final Results

Semi Final 1: Andrew Lester 15.60, Micheal Novy 14.00, Chad Jackson 13.64, Sam Bennett 11.04
Semi Final 2: Mitch Rawlins 16.97, Nathan Branch 14.50, Cade Sharp 11.46, Ben MacKinnon 10.30

Rebel Sport Pro Mens Results
1) Andrew Lester, 17.43 (NSW)
2) Mitch Rawlins, 16.77 (QLD)
3) Michael Novy, 15.53 (QLD)
4) Nathan Branch, 14.94 (NSW)
5) Chad Jackson (Western Australia)
5) Sam Bennett (Port Macquarie, NSW)
7) Cade Sharp (Sunshine Coast, QLD)
7) Ben MacKinnon (New Zealand)