Dave Winchester: from wildcard to winner in Kiama | Photo: APB

Dave Winchester and Isabela Sousa have conquered the 2018 Kiama Bodyboard King Pro at Surf Beach in New South Wales.

Despite being cursed by a flat spell, the spot finally crowned its champions on the last day of the event window period. Bodyboarders wrapped up the contest in two-foot waves.

Dave Winchester ended up making a dream comeback and snatched the win after beating Brahim Iddouch, Iain Campbell, and Hayato Enokido. Four riders from four different nations.

"I'm pretty shocked, to be honest. In the last few years, I haven't been doing many contests, and then I was stoked to get this wildcard. The waves were small, but you've got to do what you've got to do," said Winchester.

"I wasn't necessarily the best surfer the whole contest, but I was on the best waves, and that's half of it in these conditions."

In the women's division, veteran Isabela Sousa imposed her experience and was able to overcome one of the strongest opponents on tour - Ayaka Suzuki - in the dying seconds of the final.

"I'm feeling so good. I was out of the first contest in Antofagasta. I was organizing my resident visa in Portugal, and I thought I wouldn't compete this year. Then, at the last minute, I got my visa, and I was able to come here. It was like a dream," explained Sousa.

"I had a tough final, and I worked with the priority and got two good ones. In that last wave, in the last seconds, I did a spin and a rollo. I was crying on the beach. I never cry."

Mark Honey, Mayor of Kiama, has already confirmed that the event will return in 2019. Honey is a bodyboarder, and he revealed he once rode a Morey Mach 7.

2018 Kiama Bodyboard King Pro | Finals

1. Dave Winchester (AUS) 13.25
2. Brahim Iddouch (MOR) 12.00
3. Iain Campbell (RSA) 11.00
4. Hayato Enokido (JAP) 10.65

1. Isabela Sousa (BRA) 12.80
2. Ayaka Suzuki (JAP) 11.85
3. Alexandra Rinder (CNY) 10.60
4. Sari Ohhara (JAP) 9.65

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