David Beckham: a bodyboarding star

David Beckham has been enjoying bodyboarding with the family. The British football player is playing for the LA Galaxy team, but he also enjoys the spirit of water sports that made California famous.

The star of the green fields decided to take on the waves of Malibu in the USA. David Beckham hit the water with his boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

It seems that the youngsters might have a future in bodyboarding.

Apparently, the footballer wasn't riding waves with fins, a leash, or a wetsuit. Beckham decided to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the one-foot inside foam.

Despite his inexperience in the wave riding issues, the British star didn't lie on the slick of the bodyboard.

He chose the correct posture, no doubt, but he will hardly make a career change.

Beckham owns an estimated fortune of 165 million pounds. Married to Victoria Beckham, he has recently been the father of Harper Seven.

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