Drag Board Co: an Australian bodyboard company from Wollongong

Ryan Mattick, Dave Fox, and Dean Bowen have founded Drag Board Co, a board company that promises to shake up the moribund bodyboarding industry.

From Australia, with plenty of stoke. Drag Board Co is the newest bodyboarding brand.

Idealized and promoted by surf entrepreneurs and riders, the insignia kicks off with three team members and three signature models.

Sam Bennett, Tom Rigby, and Jordan Putland have recently been confirmed in the Drag Board Co.

The new bodyboard label aims to communicate with the amateur and recreational riders of the world with an underground and edgy approach.

Just ride and have fun. Forget the hyper-complex characteristics that are frequently associated with the board market.

Drag Board Co will be releasing limited board editions.

The "Slam Bennett," the "Riggaz," and the "Putty" feature enhanced longitudinal stiffness, a high-performance stringer, crescent tails, surlyn slicks, and nose bulbs for maximum grip.

The new bodyboard company is headquartered in the heart of the Zion Wetsuits and The Stoke Factory offices in Wollongong, New South Wales.

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