Drop-Knee trialists enter 2012 Pipeline Pro

January 19, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Kainoa McGee: showing off since 1981

Kainoa McGee, Mason Rose, Leroy Kaiwi, Miles Kauhaahaa, Cass Sonoda, Grant Molony, Bud Miyamoto and Matt Lackey have all secured a golden ticket to the 2012 IBA Pipeline Pro Drop Knee contest, at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

The 2012 Pipe Pro Trials have defined who will join the best bodyboarders in the world in the hunt for the most prestigious Hawaiian boogie title.

Kainoa McGee is not a strange name to bodyboarding. He's one of the most experienced riders in the world. He started surfing in 1981, at the age of 10. In 1999, he nearly survived a severe viral infection and returned to the waters.

Kainoa McGee became the only competitor ever to make the semifinals in any world class event on a surfboard and a bodyboard. Expect anything from this man when he hits the Banzai Pipeline waves.

Matt Lackey is the Australian drop-knee warrior. Having gathered the elements of old school and modern DK approaches, he always pushes the boundaries and style in the heaviest bodyboarding conditions. Lackey has learned what he knows in the multiple breaks of the Gold Coast.

Meanwhile, all prone trialists are gearing up for their chance to meet the pros, between 11th-12th February, at Sandy Beach. The main event kicks off on the 15th February.