Trayboard: a fast-food tray with fins that can be used to ride waves | Photo: Trayboarding

In the world of fake news, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is real from what is not. This time, we invite you to eat barrels for breakfast.

Meet the Trayboard, the world's newest wave riding craft - an alternative board that can be used in bodysurfing or as a bodyboard. Well, and at any McDonald's, Burger King, or KFC restaurant.

Tray Surf Co., the company behind this revolutionary invention, adopted a motto that says it all: "Grab a tray, and get served!"

So, what exactly is the Trayboard?

The Trayboard is an orange fast-food tray with pre-drilled mounting holes where you can install "precisely fabricated" fins.

Matthew Gebhard: the inventor of the Trayboard | Photo: Trayboarding

"I am a bodyboarder and bodysurfer. I have been using trays in the ocean for quite some time now and have gotten plenty of great rides and was hooked," explains Matthew Gebhard, the Trayboard inventor.

"I felt like I could improve on the idea of bodysurfing with trays. So, I invented special fins and a way to interchange them on the food trays."

"Now, there is more control and stableness with the tray while you ride it. You are able to get into barrels much easier with the fins."

Gebhard hand carves every set of fins out of other food trays, and he has recently launched a new model.

The Trayboard 2.0 is stronger, faster, and offers increased flow and control. It is 100 percent made in the United States.

The most advanced tray surfing device is available in twin-fin and thrust ("Trayfecta") setups for only $34.99.

Trayboarding is now officially a sport. Give it a tr(a)y.

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