Eder Luciano is the 2011 Brazilian bodyboarding champion

October 22, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Eder Luciano: he won't forget 2011

Eder Luciano is the new 2011 Brazilian bodyboarding champion. The rider from Santa Catarina confirmed his national title after qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Ipanema Bodyboard Brazil and watching his close opponent Luis Villar eliminated in the second round.

"It's a unique feeling. Today I understand better the athletes who have been Brazilian champions, because I can see now what they've got through to get to this moment. Congratulations to Luis who fought until the end and showed that he is a hard competitor. I'm very happy because I did my part in the water and now it's all about celebrating", said Eder.

Five-time Brazilian bodyboarding champion Roberto Bruno was one of the first to congratulate Eder, who showed great reverence for rider from Ceará. "I have no word to describe what it is to be Brazil champion. I just have to thank Roberto. He has been conquered the title five times and that shows his talent" said Luciano.

The new king of Brazilian bodyboarding has not forgotten his main motivation for the title. "This title is for my family who has always supported me", he added.

Meanwhile, in the Women's division, Isabela Sousa, another athlete from Santa Catarina, took the second consecutive Brazilian bodyboarding title.

"It's a unique feeling. I am very happy and victory came in the best possible moment. I am going to battle in the world events and this title is an extra motivation for me", said Isabela.

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