Eder Luciano wins 2011 Bodyboard Pro Festival

November 2, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Eder Luciano: he's good in brown waters

Isabela Sousa and Eder Luciano have been crowned winners of the 2011 Bodyboard Pro Festival, held in Parguito Beach, Isla Margarita. The Brazilians fought difficult three-foot waves to leave Venezuela with important trophies.

Isabela won her first Grand Slam this year and, after three events, she is in the battle for her second consecutive IBA world title.

"I'm so stocked with this victory here. This place will always in my mind. I was latin champ here in 2006 and world champ last year. This year I had this great victory. I would like to say thanks to everybody that supported for me and to my sponsors and God", said Isabela after beating Luz Maria Grande Perez.

After winning the Brazilian National Circuit, Eder Luciano had in Venezuela a great opportunity to prepare himself to the Puerto Rico stop, next week. In a GQS event, the 2010 IBA Top 5 had another great contest and won his first stop on IBA World Tour, in 2011.

In the last heat, Eder beat Enyer Moncada, from Venezuela, with 14,40 out a possible of 20 points, scoring 8,00 points in his best single wave against a total of 11,50 point from his opponent.

Dave Hubbard, from Hawaii, narrowly defeated Australian Damian King, in small clean waves, keeping the title race wide open until Puerto Rico.

Men Final

Eder Luciano (BRA) 14.40 defeated 11.50 Enyer Moncada (VNZ)

Women Final

Isabela Sousa (BRA) 11.65 defeated 8.90 Luz Marie Grande Perez (PRI)

DK Final

Dave Hubbard (HAW) 13.15 defeated Damian King 12.25 (AUS)

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