Julian Gonzalez Perez: the talented Colombian bodyboarder riding Panama | Photo: Daniel Capella

Professional bodyboarder Julian Gonzalez Perez passed away while surfing El Frontón in Gáldar, La Palmas, Gran Canaria.

The 29-year-old rider from Colombia lost his life on Christmas Eve in Spain's infamous slab.

On December 24, the emergency authorities received an alert for an accident that had taken place on the coastline.

Surfers in the water at the moment were able to take Gonzalez out of the water and carry him to Caleta de Arriba Beach, just 75 meters east of El Frontón.

The bodyboarder had suffered a cardiac arrest.

With the remote help of a healthcare professional, police and people on the beach performed a cardiac massage on Julian, following the official instructions.

When the emergency personnel arrived, they confirmed that the rider remained in cardiorespiratory arrest and resumed basic and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers.

However, Julian Gonzalez was not responsive, and death was confirmed.

"More than a sportsman, Julian Gonzalez was a companion," expressed Andrés Porras, president of the Colombian Surfing Federation.

"He lived surfing at 100 percent, and his love for waves radiated from him at every moment."

"There are not many riders like him. He was challenging, courageous, and tireless, and that's how we'll keep our memory of him forever."

El Frontón: one of the most challenging waves on the planet | Photo: Frontón King

The Beast Wave

Gran Canaria's El Frontón is one of the most dangerous waves on the planet.

The slab break detonates in front of a dramatic cliff in the north of Las Palmas. On big days, it's a prone-riding-only wave.

"La Bestia," meaning "The Beast," is of difficult access and produces big and heavy barreling waves that break onto a shallow reef.

Surrounded by tricky currents, it is often considered the most challenging bodyboarding wave in the world.

For many, Gonzales was a true Canarian hero, always spreading good vibes in and out of the water.

"I don't have words right - only pain," stated two-time world bodyboarding champion Alexandra Rinder.

"Rest in peace, Julian, and keep riding waves where you are! We love you, and your smile will always accompany us."

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