IBA World Tour: riding the wrong way

From the USA and Australia to South Africa and Portugal, worldwide bodyboarding fans are in a state of shock. The IBA World Tour 2014 will not be run.

Rage, frustration and desolation. Fans are truly angry with the news that put professional bodyboarding on-hold. With a no-go decision, the IBA World Tour will not be crowning a champion in 2014.

After hearing that the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) and the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) had decided to postpone/cancel the circuit, bodyboard enthusiasts invaded the social networks with criticism and even humor.

"Reading between the lines, there's no world tour this year (so like last year). I'm going to keep riding... Underground where bodyboarding is best".

"Just sanction the Pipe event so there will be a world champ, like back in the 90s. One event equals tour".

"The IBA and APB have both portrayed an overly optimistic view of the current state of competitive bodyboarding. Yet again, dark times are upon us".

"Shocking! What is happening to our sport?"

"Really starting to lose complete interest in professional bodyboarding. After last year being a flop with only limited events and now this".

"Big bunch of clowns! Wasting all competitors, viewers and fans time! IBA aka Stoke Killers".

"Richard: do you think we're stupid or something - and that we can't see through this? You're not the 'General Manager' of the IBA; you're the capital investment guy who threw a chunk in, lost it, and is now trying to muster up some magic plan to get it back. How much did you lose huh?"

"Sounds good to me... A lot of negatives being associated with today's tour, will be good for the IB to fix what needs to be fixed and then hopefully be back... Maybe not bigger but hopefully better".

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