Michael Novy: ready to reconquer his big wave bodyboarding title | Photo: Trent Slatter/Nomad

After a successful inaugural year, the 2016/2017 Nomad Big Wave Awards are back with more great rides by a series of talented and fearless Australian bodyboarders.

The Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) has announced that all riders will be able to submit their big wave rides for free, to transform the event into a truly global competition.

The waiting period for the new season spans from June 1st, 2016 to February 1st, 2017, and only waves bigger than eight feet on the face will enter the official selection.

"It is such a unique event to allow competitors to free surf monster waves anywhere in the world. It is one of the pinnacles of our sport and so awe-inspiring to watch. I can't wait to see this year's entries!" underlines Shane Britten, from Nomad Bodyboards.

The 2016/2017 Nomad Big Wave Awards will reward risk. The panel of judges will score each ride in a scale of 1 to 100, and will pit paddle and tow-in performances against each other.

Each wave will be evaluated using seven different criteria: tow/paddle, size, commitment and control, moves and progression, make or wipeout, consequence (10 points each), and an overall wave analysis (20 points).

The winners of the world's first big wave bodyboarding contest will be announced in March 2017.

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