Five bodyboarders chase the world title at El Fronton

October 20, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Front King Pro 2016: the battle for the world title begins | Photo: APB

Five riders are in the race for becoming the 2016 APB World Tour champion.

The Front King Pro 2016 is the last event of the professional bodyboarding season, and everything will be decided in the final rounds. Iain Campbell, Pierre-Louis Costes, Jeff Hubbard, Amaury Lavernhe, and Alex Uranga have a shot at the world title.

According to the APB World Tour, Costes and Campbell hold the strongest chances of winning the title. Hubbard must, at least, make it to the quarterfinals, and hope everyone else loses in Round 3. If he wins the event, he claims the season's title.

Lavernhe is forced to reach the final, and hope everyone else loses in Round 3; Uranga must win the event and hope his rivals fall in Round 4.

The event held in the Canary Islands entered Round 2, a non-elimination round. The five-foot waves allowed local star Aitor Martin to find a deep barrel, land a giant backflip, and move forward in the competition.

Guilherme Cobo, a former winner of the Fronton Pro, confirmed the Canarian superiority and defeated the Moroccan daredevil in the dying seconds of the heat by a narrow margin.

Last but not least, Daniel Quintana managed to defeat the experienced veteran Ryan Hard in another nerve-wracking match-up. Will local riders shake up the world title race? Can an outsider break the Canarian combination?

The top seeds and world title contenders will start competing in the second half of Round 2, when competition resumes at El Fronton, in Galdar.

Front King Pro 2016 | Round 2 Results

Yerah Martinez (CNY) 13.9 def. Maxime Castillo (FRA) 11.0
Dudu Pedra (BRA) 10.00 def. Ardiel Jimenez (CNY) 9.60
Aitor Martin (CNY) 11.67 def. Miguel Rodriguez (PER) 11.10
Matias Dias (CHI) 14.83 def. Kyle Ward (AUS) 9.06
Jonathan Vega (CNY) 12.73 def. Nelson Flores (CHI) 11.67
Brahim Iddouch (MOR) 13.23 def. Guilherme Cobo (CNY) 14.10
Daniel Quintana (CNY) 10.60 def. Ryan Hardy (AUS) 9.77
Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) 14.00 def. Borja Granados (CNY) 13.40
Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 15.55 def. Nestor Perez (CNY) 7.70
Garth McGregor (AUS) def. Goncalo Pinheiro (POR) 12.07
Diego Cabrera (CNY) 11.34 def. Dailos Rodriguez (CNY) 7.10
Sacha Damjanic (CHI) 14.73 def. William Lujan (CNY) 10.67
Miguel Adao (POR) 13.33 def. Ben Veitch (AUS) 12.84

Front King Pro 2016 | Round 2 Matchups

Tristan Roberts (RSA) vs. Alejandro Barbosa (CNY)
Kevin Orihuela (CNY) vs. Davis Blackwell (AUS)
Alex Uranga (EUK) vs. Miguel Macias (CNY)

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