Flat days at the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

February 17, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Pipeline: flat serenity

Two days and still no waves at the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro. The pro bodyboarders are anxious to kick off the boogie season and the organizations is waiting for the correct moment to announce green lights, in the Northwest of Oahu, Hawaii.

The second consecutive lay-day was raised as the surf is currently in the head-high range with a much larger push expected to occur sometime Wednesday evening. Still, no stress.

"With nine days remaining in the waiting period, we’ve no need to rush into anything," explained IBA World Tour Manager, Terry McKenna.

"The forecast for day two is as expected. We have everyone on high alert for tomorrow and we look forward to being able to complete a full day of competition." There will be 128 riders taking the perfect tubes of Banzai Pipeline.

All the action from the IBA Pipeline Pro will be available via the live webcast and through Oceanic cable channel 16 (OC 16, Hawaii) and Fuel TV, in Australia.

Upcoming Round 1 heats:

Ht1: Kevin Salkled (PER), Nicholas Padois (FRA), Mark Klein (USA), Scott Rigby (AUS)
Ht2: Alex Brown (Haw), Drew Innocend (AUS), Keanu Cazimero (Haw), Elliot Morales (CNY)
Ht3: Glen Sullivan (AUS), James Mirdock (USA), Keoni Haina (Haw), Harley Ward (AUS),
Ht4: Will Petrovic (Haw), Paul Blaz (AUS), Charles Ward (Aus), Gregory Wouters (ABW)
Ht5: Kona Kuailani (Haw), Kalani Lattanzi (BRA), Travis Smith (Haw), Nick Shand (Haw)
Ht6: Nelson Vaz (PRT), Keahi Parker (Haw), Matt Holzman (Haw), Brian Wise (Haw)
Ht7: Roduard Ferrier (ABW), Vijay Maharaj (CAN), Kingsley Uaiwa (Haw), Alex Halsey (AUS)
Ht8: Sam Strachan(AUS), Jean Ferreira (USA), Babby Quinones (PRI), Kainoa French (Haw)

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