Flume: he rode a bodyboard at Kelly Slater's wave pool

Australian musician Flume was one of the first persons to ride a bodyboard at Kelly Slater's wave pool.

Kelly Slater's very own surf ranch continues to be an exclusive artificial wave pool. Only his friends can enjoy the experience of getting barreled inland, in the middle of nowhere.

Flume, 25, is an Australian musician and record producer. He has two albums under his belt and, like many young people from his country, Flume loves to catch a wave once in a while.

"I'm about to ride an artificial wave for the first at Kelly Slater's own wave pool. And I'm insanely excited right now," revealed Flume, a few moments before hitting the water at Lemoore, California.

Harley Edward Streten caught the first man-made wave of his life on a surfboard. Then, he grabbed a bodyboard and hit the lineup with surprising competence.

"All through school, I was bodyboarding and surfing. The wave is like nothing I've ever surfed before. It's amazing. We're doing five or six shows a week, and coming here in the middle of a tour has been so much fun," added Flume.

Kelly Slater Wave Company unveiled its first artificial wave pool complex on December 12th, 2015.

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