Forster and Tuncurry bodyboarders ride for season titles

October 3, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Great Lakes: the transparent wave of New South Wales | Photo: Mitchell Watson

Jesse Galloway has stolen the 7th Round of the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association (FTBA) Tour 2013, held in the Great Lakes, NSW, Australia.

Despite the small, yet contestable waves, offshore winds and a southern swell combined produced fun two-foot transparent rides.

With the two final rounds of the year around the corner, the competitiveness in the water was at a much higher level than usual.

Boys, and especially the groms, were being clever with wave selection to push their bodies into some fun drainers. It was clear the hype paid off and everyone was on fire.

Galloway got over Liam Brady, Sam Elbourne, Josh Bellamy and Brody Hill to claim the Open division. In the Amateur category, Logan Morgan prevailed, while Grant Faulkner took out the Drop-Knee division.

The waves of the contest were rode by Brody Hill, with a very tight ARS, and by Jesse Galloway, with a long barrel to extended roll.

Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association (FTBA) Tour 2013 | Round 7

Open Men's:
1. Jesse Galloway
2. Liam Brady
3. Sam Elbourne
4. Josh Bellamy
5. Brody Hill

A Division:
1. Logan Morgan
2. Mitchell Watson and Jeremy Coombes
3. Stuart Crookston
4. Billy Kennedy and Rory Hill
5. Corey Hanlon
6. Toby Elliott

AA Division:
1. Reid Smith
2. Brody Hill
3. Josh Griffin
4. Logan Morgan

1. Grant Faulkner
2. Jesse Galloway
3. William Kennedy
4. Liam Brady

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