Socrates Santana: the 2015 APB Pro Junior World Tour champion

For many, he was a complete stranger. The new 2015 APB Pro Junior World Tour champion came from a difficult social background and battled his way through to open a new hope for thousands of young bodyboarding talents.

His name is Socrates Santana. He was born on the 22nd November 1998, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He caught his first wave when he was nine years of age, at Copacabana.

Santana always lived by the beach, at Favela Pavao-Pavaozinho. His parents had a small business renting beach chairs and selling coconut water and drinks.

Initially, he competed in local contests, but he quickly jumped into the regional and national bodyboarding scene to win titles and gain experience. In 2013, Socrates was crowned the Under 16 Brazilian bodyboarding champion.

One year later, in 2014, Socrates Santana participated in his first international challenge. The young kid finished in 17th place and signed a deal with Guilherme Tamega and his GT Boards.

Posto 5 is his home spot. But Santana also loves to play football and surf the internet. The amateur rider has been confirmed in the 2016 ISA World Bodyboarding Games, to be held in Chile. How far will he go? Only time will tell.

Socrates Santana: member of the Favela Storm | Photo: Alex Diaz/APB

Socrates Santana, nicknamed "Doutorzinho" (little doctor) is, alongside Matheus Bastos, one of the leading members of "Favela Storm," an informal movement born to raise awareness and support those who live in extreme poverty but are able to find their way through crime, drugs, and violence.

In the next years, you'll see more from Socrates Santana. He promised he would keep studying and learning English. The "Favela Storm" champion will compete once again in the 2016 APB Pro Junior World Tour.

"I am very happy for the title. It was a hard-fought battle, but it was worth it. I would like to thank God, everyone who supported me, and all Brazilian that stood by my side," Socrates Santana told after arriving back at Rio de Janeiro.

"It was an incredible trip. I met new friends, and [Puerto Rico] is a spectacular place. My motivation grew from each heat, and when I won the semifinal, I was told I was the world champion. I couldn't believe it. It was really special."

"'Favela Storm' is the community surfers' union. We want to show that we are capable of anything - even if we started from the bottom - while maintaining humility and representing our community well. Pavão-Pavãozinho has thousands of people with a lot of bodyboarding potential. However, many of them have no opportunity to get out and show what they can do."

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