Frontón King divorces from APB and raises the bar

October 10, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Frontón King: a bodyboarding contest like no other | Photo: Jesus de Leon

The newly-named 2018 World Cup Gran Canaria Frontón King will run from October 20 through November 3, at Galdar, in the Canary Islands.

This time, the legendary event is not part of the official APB World Tour schedule. However, the organization promises an unforgettable showdown with increased prize money, and a new competitive format.

"After months of negotiations, we were we could not meet all APB requests because many of them lacked administrative and sports irregularities that were not feasible," the Fronton King organizers told in an official statement.

"They also didn't comply with our established guidelines. We made it clear that we would fight for the sport and athletes, so we asked the APB to grant us a specialty event status so that we wouldn't harm some riders who have contacted us and wanted to compete."

We think it would be good if they could participate and we hope that the APB will think about the athletes because it will not affect the Tour in any way. There are riders who want to be in Frontón King. Hopefully, we will get a positive response from APB for the good of the sport."

So, El Frontón, a powerful and rarely forgiving mutant slab, prepares to welcome bodyboarding's finest performers and will award $36,000 in prize money for both male and female riders.

El Frontón: a powerful, mutant slab that breaks in Galdar, Gran Canaria | Photo: Richard Aleman

Former world champions Guilherme Tâmega, Andre Botha, Amaury Lavernhe, and Alexandra Rinder have already confirmed their presence in the Spanish contest.

They will be joined by other renowned international athletes like Antonio Cardoso, Alex Uranga, and Alan Muñoz, and by a team of Canarian experts like Diego Cabrera, Guillermo Cobo, Jonathan Vega, William Lujan, and Lionel Medina.

The 2018 World Cup Gran Canaria Frontón King will also debut a new competitive format where amateurs and pros climb the ladder side by side.

The organization announced that there will be no qualifying rounds, meaning that everyone will have access to the main event.

In other words, all athletes will kick off their participation in Round 1, a non-elimination stage.