Future Hawaiian pros competed at Makapuu Beach

February 6, 2012 | Bodyboarding
2012 USBA Science Hawaii Regional Tour: young rivalry

Kahekili Labatte and Summer Hilen have won the Men and Women Open Am divisions of the first event of the 2012 USBA Science Hawaii Regional Tour, held at Makapuu Beach.

It's always great to see riders from across the state competing in difficult and challenging wave conditions.

All division had their standouts, however it was Summer Hilen in the Open Women's, Tanner McDaniel in the 13-17, JB Hilen in the Drop-Knee, Kawika Kamai in 12 and Under and Kahekili Labette in the Open Am that really stood out in their respective division.

Shayden Wolf also made his first Open Amateur final against riders twice his senior. Jessica Bieza had her first event contest appearance, in the Open Women’s division.

Even though the surf was inconsistent, there were some bomb sets that did make their way into the shore break. Fortunately, the future generation of Hawaiian bodyboarder was ready to charge it.

The finalists of the first 2012 USBA Science Hawaii Regional Tour event were:

Open Am

1. Kahekili Labatte
2. Sterling Lau
3. Shayden Wolf
4. Zach Zane

Girls Am

1. Summer Hilen
2. Lisa Katusra
3. Jessica Bieza
4. Kiraa Kamai

DK Open

1. JB Hilen
2. Sterling Lau
3. Frank Kong
4. Shane Long

13-17 Am

1. Tanner McDaniel;
2. Shaydon Wolf
3. Akoni Tacub
4. Gabriel Pinheiro

12 and Under

1. Kawika Kamai
2. Shayden Wolfe
3. Calvin Cerrone
4. Kainoa Lon

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