Gal Larar is the king of Israeli bodyboarding

September 16, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Gal Larar: go for it, DK master

It's rare to hear bodyboarding news from Israel. Despite its maritime geographic position - the famous Israeli Coastal Plain - the country's not best known for wave riding.

Fortunately, there's a strong and committed bodyboarding community in Netanya and its 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) of beaches.

"I know that it may sound a bit weird for some of you about Israel and bodyboarding, but the sport has been here since the 1980. The first generation of bodyboarders come from Netanya, my home town", tells Gal Larar, a local bodyboarder.

"Still to this day, the biggest community of bodyboarders is from Netanya. There are many surfers, but they are a minority. We all get along perfect!” he adds.

Larar has just won his first Israel Annual Bodyboarding Championship, held at Konticy Beach, in 2ft waves and bigger sets. Gal beat Yaron Hatav and Oren Maimony in the final heat and was clearly stoked.

"I was sure that I would surf in DK and that the other competitors would ride prone. I guess that in small days it's easier to prone ride, but I wanted to win so much. I won it. This was the first time I win at home and it's the best feeling ever", he reveals.

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