Geoff Swan leads the bodyboarding armada in Tasmania

October 24, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Tasmania: plenty of great bodyboarders living here

Tasmania is far away from continental Australia and it has not been easy to drive sponsors to the region. Nevertheless, the local bodyboarding community is truly committed to high levels of performance out in the water. The 2012 Tasmania Bodyboarding State Titles were a success.

In 2010, no champions were crowned. This year, competitive bodyboarding in Tasmania has been resurrected by the hand of the IBA judge Karl Gol. The 2012 TAS State Titles have been run. Up to 70 riders competed in seven divisions, during two whole days.

The much-anticipated Senior Men's final was a showdown of some of the State's most renowned bodyboarders. Thomas Webster, who was surfing with so much power all weekend, managed to take out the title ahead of Jeremy Faulds, Geoffrey Swan and Nick Nairn-Smith.

Not only did Thomas take home the highly sought-after medal, but he now has the "unofficial" power to paddle to the inside and claim the sets at any line-up he enters in Tasmania, for a full 12 months.

In the Drop Knee division, James Barwick started off with a strong wave, but it was Geoff Swan and Jeremy Faulds who managed to build up a solid count of waves.

In the last minute Jimmy managed to find himself a solid peak with a workable wall that he made full use of. It was going to to be tight. In the end Barwick's meagre two waves were enough to slot him in second place behind Geoff Swan, leaving Jeremy Faulds in third and Nick Nairn-Smith in fourth.

In the Open Women, the 2-3ft peaks continued to roll through. Favorite Brazilian ex-pat Marie Soriano gave an excellent demonstration of pure skill, with solid spin-roll combos to comfortably take the title. Jessica Appleby followed in second place with Brooke Mason and Emma Knoop filling third and fourth places, respectively.

Open Men's entered the water for the final heat of the event. It was a battle of the Seniors Geoff Swan and Thomas Webster versus the young blokes, Harley Ward and Callum Wells.

The old boys started out strong and looked to continue their dominance throughout the event. Young guns Ward and Wells were picking off what they could, but by halfway through the final it was still too close to call.

By the time the final hooter sounded it was Swan who had managed to edge out the opposition and secure his second state title and third finals placing of the event, a remarkable achievement by any standards.

A late charge from last year's champion Harley Ward saw him finish in second place with the most consistent surfer of the event Thomas Webster taking third and Callum Wells fourth.