Girls are ready for the North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women's Pro

April 9, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Pipeline: just for girls

Swells fell apart in the wind for the beginning of the waiting period for the North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women’s Pro. “The first swell was more north and passed by Pipe”, said contest Director Betty Depolito.

”We are being patient and waiting for two swells. One is this week-end but is smaller than we want and the other is Tuesday and a bit bigger. It’s in Gods hands at this point.” The weather is not helping. There have been three days of flash flood warnings, brown water run off in most areas of the North Shore of Oahu. Pipeline though is not effected as yet and actual conditions at this point are glassy perfection.

Japan’s top rider Aoi Koike and crew have been cracking the mini 1-2 foot waves every morning. Koike is on the hunt for another Pipeline title. Koike has surfed in almost all of the 21 years of bodyboarding competition at Pipeline snagging the crown in 2008.

Shortboarding officially started 6 years ago with Alana Blanchard from Kauai taking the first title and then again at the Cholos Pro in 2007. Blanchard has been dubbed the “hottest Women surfer on the planet” for her model looks and is a deserving athlete as well. Experience plays a big role and she knows how to win.

Also competing is World Champion Karla Costa Taylor who won the Pipeline event in 2000 in bodyboarding. ” I have been in South Africa for a few years so I am really looking forward to winning it, it’s the cherry on the cake if I can”, said Kosta. “I always see one heat at a time, there are not as many girls this year but it is still difficult to get into the final. Pipeline is challenging at any size that is why it brings everyone back every year. It humbles everyone, it’s always a surprise.”

The Women who ride Pipeline are our idols in surfing, looks or no looks. This is a wave of consequence at any size and it’s game on as the competitors ramp themselves up for the most talked about wave in the world.

The event is a dedication to the memory of Josie Over. Josie and her husband Don lived at Off the Wall and took in many orphaned children. Josie loved bodyboarding and passed before Don. The couple supported the Women’s competition at Pipeline and the event will honor their memory for years to come.

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