GoPro launches bodyboard mount

June 3, 2014 | Bodyboarding
GoPro bodyboard mount: capture your El Rollos and ARS

GoPro has released a mount especially designed for bodyboard.

How do you capture El Rollos and ARS? Surf camera company GoPro has announced the launch of a bodyboard mount that allows you to shoot immersive POV footage, or point the camera back towards yourself to capture selfies while riding waves.

The mount is compatible with boards 1.5'' to 3.5'' (3.8cm to 8.8cm) thick, and includes a camera tether and locking plug for added security in heavy surf.

The GoPro bodyboard mount can also be used in a soft-top or foam surfboard, and standup paddleboard. Last but not least, the kit comes with a mounting arrow to help you choose the best capture angle during installation.

Get the GoPro bodyboard mount and learn how to install it.