Green light for the Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour 2015

January 12, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour: riders surf, fans vote | Photo: IBA/De Leon

The Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour 2015 is on. The new world bodyboarding competition is debuting a new format, in which pro riders are judged by the fans.

Until February 15th, a group of 20 European bodyboarders will perform their best tricks in the best waves. Wearing an orange arm band, they'll try to put together a one-minute clip showcasing their ultimate highlights.

When all clips are published, bodyboarding fans from all over the world will be able to vote and decide who pulled out the most impressive video.

Fans will pay $4.99 to vote for their favourite rider in the event, and the voted rider automatically gets $2.00 of this donation.

The other $2.00 goes into a prize pool to be presented to the winner on a Happy Gilmore-style cheque. The remaining 0.99c goes to transaction fees and administration costs.

The Free Surf World Tour 2015 will also visit North America, Pacific, Australasia, Africa, and South America, where regional bodyboarders will try to capture their true essence through video clips.

Free Surf World Tour 2015 | European Riders

Alex Uranga
Alexandra Rinder
Amaury Lavernhe
Ardiel Jimenez
Dan Skarjowski
Diego Cabrerra
Guillermo Cobo
Hugo Pinheiro
Jack Johns
Jeremy Arnoux
Manuel Centeno
Maxime Castillo
Miguel Ado
Miguel Marcias
Paul Benco
Pedro Santiago
Pierre-Louis Costes
Seamus McGoldrick
Sergio Quevedo
Tom Gillespie

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