Guilherme Tamega and Ben Player relegated in the 2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

September 5, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

The second day at Ferrol was a long one. 11 hours to be precise. The extra sunshine in a European Summer means that you can cash in on a good day when it comes around and today was 3 feet and offshore so organizers put their head down and churned through a stack of heats.

The day started with the back 12 taking on the inform qualifiers from the previous rounds and the action was red hot from the outset.

Australian Mitch Rawlins once again set the benchmark for the day with an amazing combo or precise in-the-pocket surfing and dominated the round.

After this the DK 1/4's were surfed and Current World Champion Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) butchered the long walls with a series of frontside moves. Dave Winchester (Australia) and Ardiel Jiminez (Canary Isl) were also on fire.

Into the afternoon the dropping swell meant that the event would be re-located down the beach and to moved proved fruitful with some clean random peaks providing the perfect battleground for the Top 16.

Guilherme Tamega (Brazil) was an early casualty along with Ben Player (Australia). The pair of former World Champions could not find the winning waves and were relegated to the sidelines as the other front-runners progressed.

Source: IBA World Tour

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