Guilherme Tamega defeated in Rio das Ostras

July 31, 2008 | Bodyboarding

IBA Rio das Ostras 2008

By far today was the best day of event. The highlights where the defeat of Guilherme Tâmega in the 8th heat of the 3rd round and of Luis Villar.

Pierre Louise Costes and Amaury Lavernhe are the foreigners that survived the Brazilians and guaranteed their spot on the quarter finals.

"If anyone wants to fight for the world title, they need to compete in all conditions", said Amaury Lavernhe after advancing to the next round.

Naara Carolyne had highest score for the woman's, 13.50 and defeated Maira Vianna that was her direct contestant for the world woman's titles. Naara can come out of Rio das Ostras as the new leader of the tour.

This Sunday we will have the final day of the Rio das Ostras Bodyboarding international starting at 8:00AM(local time). Stay tuned to the online webcast.

1. Tainan Monti (BRA) x Uri Valadão (BRA)
2. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) x Marcus Lima (BRA)
3. Francirley Ferreira (BRA) x Roberto Bruno (BRA)
4. Amaury Laverhne (REU) x Leonardo Costa (BRA)

Women Semifinals:
1. Isabela Sousa (BRA) x Naara Carolyne (BRA)
2. Eunatte Aguirre (ESP) x Jessica Becker (BRA)

Source: IBA World Tour

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